YBN Servers

List of our Multiplayer Servers....

This Section of the website shows a list of our gaming servers. We currently only have one server at the moment which is for minecraft, if you interested in playing on the server please contact us. If anyone owns and does not mind our clan members joining the server or if someone wants to donate a server then please get in contact with us.

NonceCraft Server


The YBN NonceCraft server is our weird world in the minecraft game, here you will discover what it takes to be a true nonce when you try to survive being blinded by massive cocks, creepers and Dave.


In the NonceCraft server we search for materials and build everything from scratch, Everything is constructed with hard work and plenty of manly juices.


To get on to the server you must be at least a subscriber of the youbignonce channel on youtube. To apply for a position on the server you need to get in contact with either dogbomb, chainsaw or the main YBN channels providing your minecraft account name and also your youtube account name. We will then send you the server details and tell you how to connect.