Random Gaming Videos


The youbignugget channel started on youtube on the 8th Jan 2011 when we decided we wanted to make more random and different gaming related videos from our reviews. The channel runs very differently from our main channel which allows us to try out new ideas. The channel consists of mini reviews, multi-player gaming, playthroughs and anything we may fancy putting up. Unlike our main channel the schedule is unstructured meaning that videos can be uploaded at anytime we choose.


You can find out more about the history of the channel in the “about” part of this website

Noncey Facts:

  • Chainsaw’s “funny Skyrim Glitches” is the most viewed video

  • Chainsaw’s might and magic 6 series is the first ever playthrough on the channel.

Channel Schedule:

  • Video's are uploaded randomly, unless stated below

  • Wednesdays - Chainsaw's Might and Magic 6 playthrough