Dogbomb reviews the indie games every Friday when he is normally drunk and ready to kickstart the weekend of gaming fun. With one hand on his beer and the other elsewhere expect to be entertained with random talk and silly drunkenness. Dogbomb has spent years practicing the fine arts of gaming while totally pissed so watch his gaming talents shine. If you ever wanted to experience a life of an alcoholic gamer this is finally your chance.


From an early age dogbomb had tons of ambition, but he soon forgot all that and decided to play video games instead. Growing up dogbomb knew he had the gaming skills to make it as a professional gamer but due to a series of excellent alcohol advertisements in the mid 90’s his dreams of successfulness died.

The years that followed led dogbomb down a series of gaming events where he gradually perfected the art of “drunken gaming”. Drinking while gaming taught dogbomb a strong discipline and made him into what he is today a “complete piss head”.

In 2005 dogbomb met chainsaw on a gamer’s substance addiction site were all the gamers went to discuss their problems. Chainsaw of course was there at the time due to his issues with chocolate hobnobs. After long discussions and banter they started playing with each other (or so the rumors suggest).

In 2010 dogbomb was still gaming drunk and his skills had hit a high, he had effectively achieved drunken greatness which is now reflected in his videos each week.

Noncey Facts:

  • Dogbomb once took chainsaw and Dave to see the ladyboys of Bangkok

  • Most Importantly dogbomb does not have an uncle who is a professor or called Alan

Channel Schedule:

  • Dogbomb reviews indie games every Friday on the youbignonce channel and uploads videos to the youbignugget channel randomly.