Known from geek legend this fine beast of a man pounds his joystick furiously every Monday doing those 80’s reviews for mostly male viewers (according to the youtube stats). With Magical reviews and the slight flicker of torchlight he guides the audience through a roller coaster of fun and frolics with passion in his eyes. The years of video gaming has left him with a vast knowledge that even the mightiest of gamers can’t compete with.


From an early age growing up in the hood Dave knew he would be famous on the internet’s, he had that certain charisma that only a few were born with. He started playing with his joystick until he mastered the fine arts known as “joystick o’ rectus”, unfortunately for Dave due to a series of health problems it impaired his grip.

Over the years fighting his health problems he still managed to gain professional gamer status when he applied for his licence from the back of a packet of cheese and onion crisps. Although a true legend in the making, even legends can have a tough break and he spent years trying to regain his grip to what it once was.

In may 2010 a magnificent thing happened and he gained full grip of his joystick once more. Around that time chainsaw and dogbomb offered him an opportunity that he could not refuse and he jumped at the chance to show the world his joystick waggling skills once more. Dave with his dedication to the 80’s produces quality in all his reviews and gets the job done.

Noncey Facts:

  • Dave's Uncle Alan is a professor

  • Dave once owned a website which kept getting hacked by the Asian gay community

  • Dave Once apologised publicly to Joseph Franklin Rutherford the founder of the Jehovas Witnesses

  • Again Dave's Uncle Alan is a professor

  • Dave got barred from his local pub (TWICE)

  • Dave once made an offer to Paul Denials to run naked across some sandy beaches

  • Yet Again Dave's Uncle Alan is a professor

  • Dave once did a survey to find out if he was Glaswegian and it turns out he is

  • .....and remember Dave's Uncle Alan is a professor

Channel Schedule:

  • Dave reviews 80’s games every Monday on the youbignonce channel and does the occasional nugget on the youbignugget channel