This reviewer does the 90’s whacky game reviews on a Wednesdayssssssssssssssss with a coffee and a packed of chocolate hobnobs at the ready. He specialises in platformer games which he has trained his skills towards for many years. He will keep you on the edge of your seats with his dangerous playing style which normally ends up in disaster. Pumped to the belly full of coffee your wendesdaysssssssssssssss will never be the same again, oohh Yeah.


Chainsaw grew up in a rough neighbourhood where we learned to stay indoors and hide from the bullies, that’s where he learned the fine art of 90’s platformer games. Practicing day and night and sometimes afternoons when he had a descent supply of chocolate hobnobs, he perfected his gaming skills.

Chainsaw relies on coffee to ease his nerves and it provides him with the energy to accomplish the mightiest of gaming challenges brought upon him. In 2005 he met dogbomb who called him short, but he overcame that with a series of growth pills supplied by the NHS. He of cause took these with a coffee and a chocolate hobnob which caused a chemical reaction resulting in his gaming skills being highly increased.

In 2010 with much more coffee and biscuit fuelled gaming he reached a level of gaming that any great professional gamer would admire. You can see chainsaw overloading on the coffee and hobnobs too push is skills to the limit every wednesdayyyyyyssssssssssss.

Noncey Facts:

  • Chainsaw has a major obsession with pat butcher from Eastenders (RIP PAT RIP)

  • Chainsaw still has never discovered what the pineapple rings are for.

  • Most Importantly chainsaw does not have an uncle who is a professor or called Alan

Channel Schedule:

  • Chainsaw reviews 90’s games every wednesdayssssssss on the youbignonce channel and uploads videos to the youbignugget channel randomly.