The History Of The Nonce Volume 1

The Early Years....

You Big Nonce started out back in 2005 as a clan for halo on xbox live, back then clans were taking things very serious and a group of us soon realised no other could suit are particular requirements. We simply wanted to play for fun and not concentrate on being the best (except Mikos) this led us to meet similar like minded fork. We staged many clan events which involved mostly eating cake and playing shitty custom maps which we created. The custom game type frockily garment and the custom map noncey guardian was recognised as some of the best creative works since blood n crisps and we were given cakes in appreciation.

The name came from a term we used to say when people used to kill us on the games or when someone did something really silly. It quickly started to catch on, being used more frequently throughout the years of online gaming. A few of our personal websites shared information about the clan and we grew in numbers until something drastic happened with a pair of nail clippers, the clan then descended into chaos and disappeared of the internet.

For many years the YBN stayed relatively dormant, although a lot of the clan still played around on various games and had many cake eating events of their own it was just not the same as it once was. The passion of the nonce however never died and we generally spend 2007 onwards playing games and stuffing our faces full cake and couple of us got quite fat resulting in having to go to the gym later on but that’s another story.


The History Of The Nonce Volume 2

The Second Cumming....

Fast-forward to the year 2010 and chainsaw and dogbomb started watching many youtube gaming videos and realised that there was just something missing. The reviewers of these games just did not get the essence of what games should be and that’s “fun” and should be played with cake. So chainsaw and dogbomb decided to approach Mr DaveCroc as they needed some talent behind the reviews and to associate with the more feminine gamers. DaveCroc was of course concerned at first because of his heavy schedule and workload but was gradually coming around to the idea due his passion and knowledge of all things 80’s.

On 9th May 2010 the nonce was born on youtube and pink was hugely back in fashion once again at long last. Designers like Laurence Llewelyn Bowen and Philip Treacy who went on to create the outfit worn by Princesses Beatrice at the royal wedding in 2011 were graceful and glad the YBN had returned at long last.

You Big Nonce went on to create many videos on youtube throughout 2010 sticking to a weekly schedule. Some of the videos were good (Dogfighter), some were fucking terrible (Dogfighter) and some simply disgusting (Dogfighter).

On 8th January 2011 a new channel was born called Nugget, this was because it we decided that we needed somewhere to upload random videos which were not particularly reviews. We did not want to loose focus on our main channel so this seemed like a good plan, many videos were uploaded and Dave got all naked which was a treat.

On the 3rd May 2011 we had reached over 100 subscribers so we posted a special video on Nugget, We then hit over 50k total overall views for our videos on 5th May 2011 so we again posted a special on nugget.

On 9th May 2011 we celebrated 1 year of the nonce and we spend most the day playing games and eating cakes. We also did a special, you might of noticed we did specials allot.

On 11th June 2011 we hit over 200 subscribers doubling our members in one month, this was a huge step forward and dogbomb learned vital skills in eating soup


The History Of The Nonce Volume 3

What the F we fucking doing....

We finally said goodbye to 2011 and we all had a little cry about it as well (some more than others), it had been a good year for the community and we had grown quiet big (some more than others).  We have reached some nice milestones in 2011 and we appreciated how active the community was getting, here are some of the great milestones reached since the summer.
On 31st December 2011 the youbignonce channel on youtube went over 500 subscribers which was a major milestone for us which we were very pleased to have reached.

On 2nd Jan 2012 we launched the noncey world cup 2012 tournament which was basically us 3 battling it out to become the champion of noncey worms, we are hoping this could become a regular feature each year.

On 2nd Jan 2012 dogbomb spend hours editing footage for his successful Ludum Dare series of reviews. He was of course drunk for most of the editing process which may show.

On 4th of Jan chainsaw started off his might and magic series which was planned to spread throughout 2012 thanks to quiet a successful past series when he reviewed the twisted metal games. He also started his first proper playthrough on the nugget channel of might and magic 6 which will be interesting to see how it will develop with it being the first ever playthrough on there.

In February 2012 we reached the 600 subscribers mark making us realise someday we will be able to afford more coffee and hobnobs if it carries up.

On may the 9th we celebrated our 2 year birthday of the you big nonce youtube channel.

On the 9th of may 2012 for our 2nd year we finally launched the website which should allow the community grow further and everyone will be able to find everything YBN related and get the latest news.